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OCSI Print Ad is Now Out in PortCalls' 2020 Philippine Cargo Transport Directory

Cheers for our new milestone! OCSI print ad is now out in the 2020 edition of PortCalls Asia's Philippine Cargo Transport Directory. PortCalls Asia is the leading news and data provider for cargo transport and logistics professionals.

Setting the spotlight on our solutions for the transport and logistics sector, OCSI features some of HELI's heavy-duty material handling lines such as internal combustion counterbalance forklift, empty container stacker, heavy forklift trucks, and reach stackers.

Going digital, PortCalls also launched PortCalls DIRECT that offers an online listing of various logistics partners. Check out OCSI's listing at

Established in 2019, OCSI partners with reputable brands in Asia- MAXRAC and HELI, to deliver efficient and economical #materialhandling and #industrialstoragesolutions for maximum productivity, and increased profitability all at the best value.

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