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HELI Lithium-Ion Powered Pallet Truck Key Features

What makes the HELI Lithium-Ion Powered Pallet Truck the top choice for your material handling operations? Here's a snap this pallet truck's key features:

Combines ergonomics, versatility, and strength in a truck

  • The pallet truck's weight is 146 kg with a load capacity of up to 2000 kg.

Portable Lithium Battery

  • Lightweight and easily serviceable battery.

  • Lithium battery offers long service life and high charging efficiency.

Electric Lifting, Integrated Pump Assembly

  • ​Electric lifting for convenient operations.

  • ​Integrated pump assembly with optimized space for easy maintenance.

Imported Controller

  • American CURTIS controller guarantees efficient, safe, and reliable operations.

Electromagnetic Brake

  • Responsive and reliable brake.

  • Ensures no sliding in slope operations.

Still thinking about how the HELI Lithium-Ion pallet truck can improve your operations? Let our solutions expert handle your material handling challenges!

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